This month I will be celebrating 10 years of service! Whew! What a ride it has been! I remember driving to take my exam 10 years ago and thinking, “What on earth am I doing?!” I was taking a leap of faith for sure, and I am SO glad I did.

Over the last 10 years, I have been able to serve my community both professionally and personally. I enjoyed serving on committees of the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors along with state level, the Michigan Association of Realtors. I have helped many home owners with moving, landscaping, and taxi service for their kids! People often say to me, “You must LOVE showing all those houses!” They’re right! Yes, it is fun and I do LOVE it! But what I really love about what I do is that I am able to serve in areas that are personal and sometimes private journeys of life.

I have heard some pretty amazing stories and have seen some pretty amazing things happen that were NOT in my control. I have sat at a table with families in tears because I had to tell them the fact that they are loosing their home to foreclosure. I sat with spouses who lost a loved one and had no idea what to do first in the aftermath of grief, not to mention how to take care of the home by themselves. I have cried with families who lost a parent or grandparent and needed to pack up family memories. I listened and gently directed couples divorcing and selling the martial home…sometimes painlessly, but not always. I was amazed to see the strength and faith in people during difficult times. I have seen families grow, and grew with them in deep friendships. I have been witness to the power of prayer. I have been invited to weddings and graduations all because I love what I do!

As a REALTOR you are a warrior at times. Negotiating best the best price for the buyer and seller isn’t easy! I lose sleep sometimes, becoming a prayer warrior in the wee hours of the night on some transactions. Not for the sale, but for the people and the journey they now are embarking on. They have touched my heart and shaped MY OWN life beyond words! I have seen amazing strength and faith in higher powers, and feel grateful to be part of it!

So as I proudly celebrate my 10 years of being a REALTOR, from the bottom of my heart I give thanks to all of my past and present clients, my new friends and family that I have gained from many closings, and all of the endless encouragement and love from my own friends and family in supporting me in doing what I love: Selling Real Estate! I am so very blessed!


10 Years