Four secrets a seller needs to know before they get on the road!

Well, I guess it isn’t a secret…but more like the facts! Sellers, this is a road trip! Get in and buckle up! Let me share with you the secrets of what I have learned for a successful and stressless trip!

When asked: “What do I need to know about selling my home quickly, AND for the best price?” This is what I tell them.

Four Things to Successfully Sell a Home

Location – Some homes are in a great location that attracts many buyers. Some homes are on a busy street or next to something less desirable. If I could pick up a home and move it, I would be richer than Bill Gates! Unfortunately, I can’t make that happen. The location needs to be considered in pricing your home.

Condition – Just because the home down the street sold for $XXX doesn’t mean yours will. You could have some dated carpet, less than perfect countertops in kitchen and or baths, painted walls that only a child could love, or the home is long overdue for a new roof. These items can and do affect price. There are things that are worth spending the money on to get a better price and a faster sale, but you need to know the market and what buyers are looking at. It could save you money in the end as well.

Marketing – Let’s face it, REALTORS all have the same forms! Marketing is unique to the agency and agent you choose. The bottom line is there needs to be a “plan” in place. From the pre-listing appointment to the day of closing. Successful marketing includes networking, referrals, signage, open houses…and much, much more! Ask what the agent and broker use. Ask for referrals, and recent ones!

Price – This is always the toughest pill to swallow! I love this quote I heard once in a real estate class, “Anything sells in any market as long as it is priced correctly!” Does that mean you have to give it away? Certainly not! But because you may want to buy a new car with the ‘extra’ money you get from selling at a higher price doesn’t mean the buyer is going to want to support that idea! The buyer wants to buy at a fair and reasonable price. Knowing the market and neighborhood is key to getting the best and fastest sale of your home!

Home selling can be a bumpy ride! But you are the driver, the agent is the vehicle. Having an agent that knows these four things is the key to your trip! Be safe and buckle up! It could be a Pinto or a Lamborghini and even something in between! Either vehicle will get to you the closing table, it will just depend on what you want to drive!


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