Ready, Set….so you want to buy a house? Let’s talk about “GO”!

In your mind you are seeing the green light to buy a new home, move up, or downsize. That is great! But let’s talk about about what “GO” means!

Let’s start with G:

GO – Make sure everyone is on board with the move. Sometimes first time home owners are disappointed when family has opinions. Or maybe your significant other is worried about income to support the new house payment.

GO – Talk to a mortgage lender. This is key to know what you can afford before you start looking! If you fall in love with a home that you can not afford, it is very hard to overcome that fact sometimes.

GO – Interview agents! You really should have an agent that is working for you and not the seller. I am a certified Accredited Buyers Representative and I would be happy too help in this process and be interviewed to serve your real estate needs.

Now for the O:

Overcome the obstacles – After meeting with a mortgage lender and/or banker, you may need to work on paying off some bills to get your credit score a little higher. Good mortgage lenders/bankers will work with you on that and have suggestions to get that pre-approval.

Outweigh the pros and cons – Such as, do you need to be closer to work, school, or an aging parent? Would you be saving money? How long do you want to stay at your next move? Drive by neighborhoods and see what you like and don’t like first.

OMG – Other Moving Goals! Don’t shop for items on credit while looking…such as a car or furniture, or open a credit card unless advised by a lender. These items can kill your home sale in a snap! I am sorry to say I have seen it happen all too often. If you need to sell a home first, don’t go shopping for another one just yet. You will not have a strong offer, and more than likely pay a higher price for a home if you have to sell yours first!

You can buy a home with smart choices and a knowledgable agent AND lender! Give me a call and I will be happy to talk to you, even if you plan to move next year! The best thing is a plan! And the sweet sound of hearing, “Go start looking for your new home!”